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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Studio Diary latest-

I know it's been a very long time since my last post,

Although with so many ways of social networking these days, I feel like I'm always putting something online, Facebook is the main one for the studio (search Art By LAW Photography and you will find it) and we do try and post at least a few times a week, but that aside I have neglected my blog and I apologise, this one is worth the wait though.

 It was a very busy summer, 

with wedding season and running the studio through its first summer. 

My little sister Danielle got  married to Mat in August 

and I did the photographs for them, it was an amazing festival themed wedding and the weather was boiling hot (thank god) as it was virtually all outside, so first up are some photos of the wedding of the year x

Danielle's flowers where so unusual, she had orange roses, with sunflowers and poppy heads, Danielle's shoe's are by Vivienne Westwood and I love them, her dress surprisingly was off the hanger at House of Fraser by Jasper Conran and was just breathtaking it was strapless with a sweet heart neckline, empire cut and was covered in ostrich feathers (luckily it didn't rain because ostridge feathers do not fair well in wet weather) it had such beautiful movement when she walked.

This is my proud dad walking into the church, Danielle and Mat tied the Knott at St Giles Church in Ickenham, Middlesex, a church that our great, great, great grandfather helped to build and my dad more recently re-roofed. The church is also the resting place of our beloved great nanny and a few more of our ancestors, So it really does have a real sentimental attachment to us as a family.

I love this photograph, the movement in Danielle's dress looks epic  



My Family- big sister Jo, Dad, Mat my new brother in-law, little sister Danielle, Mum, my Little girl Evie-May and Me on the end, Im waring my favourite Vivienne of Holloway dress.

The studio is now into its second year of operation, 

it has gone so quickly and I absolutely love working there, it has been tricky at times with juggling cash flow and bills, but I'm so determined to make it work, that it just has too. We are also building up a really good reputation with the locals and  have had many lovely  recommendations and returning clients, so the future is looking bright, :) 
I said good-by to my right hand man Tom at the end of August, who had been working at the studio from the very beginning, he left to pursue a career in his other love (other than photography that is) playing bass guitar in a local band, I was sad to see him go, but as one door closes another one opens- a very lucky lad who just happened to be doing a bit of work experience with us at the time showed allot of potential so I offered him the position  My new fabulous assistant Scott officially started working here in September and we also have a saturday girl Charlee this is our first staff photograph, done in the name of movember.  

We did this first thing one Saturday morning, as soon as I sat down looking even more eccentric than usual I said 'I hope a customer doesn't come in while we are looking like this' and almost instanttainously one came in his first words to us was - 'well this wasn't quite what I was expecting to see today', luckily he did have a sense of humour.

Christmas is just around the corner, 

I don't know about you but for me it has came around so quickly, but Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and here are some amazing offers we are doing at the studio.
Giving portraits as a gift is one of the most rewarding and thoughtful presents you can give and with prices starting from just £45 there is something for everyone, we are taking bookings right up until the last week before Christmas, so there is still plenty of time to book in your session.

The studio is finding its niche with newborn baby photography

 Our prop cupboard is growing every few weeks with hundreds of beautiful objects to put babies in, or on, The red dress is still a firm favourite with our yummy mummies and the suitcase stack looks just beautiful I call it 
'ready for life's adventures'

   Newborn photography is one of the most rewarding but at the same time challenging types of photography its also one of my favourites, its such an honour to photograph ones so tiny and new.

Our 'Just Add Baby' gift boxes are a real hit, 

 They are the perfect gift this Christmas I currently have about 10 in stock all unique in a range of colours and they are still at the introductory price of £59 this includes a studio voucher with 8x10 print and the exclusive handmade hat and nappy cover, please let me know if you would like one.

Over the last 2 years as you may know I have been entering into a monthly competition 

with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP). This society expects an extremely high quality of work and to achieve a highly commended for an image means that the image is of the upmost quality, to receive a gold is near impossible. I used to believe that it was only achievable for photographers that have been members for many years and have attended every seminar and training course run by the SWPP, so that the judges are already familiar with the photographers work and therefore favour them and give them high grades (its still a little suspect with some of the high achievers) but finally I have started getting some better results from them. 

I have found being a member of the SWPP very rewarding and educational, it keeps me thriving for perfection in my images and keeps me informed with all the latest equiptment and techniques which can't be a bad thing.  

So far this year I have achieved 13 Highly commended and 2 Golds awards for my images,

 Its a really good feeling and feeds into my competitive nature. I  have just applied for my Licentership or Associateship with the SWPP, hopefully I will qualify, you have to submit 20 images for judging, I have an Associateship with the BIPP already which is a similar organisation but I achieved this in 2000 with a fashion portfolio, my style in photography has really developed since then and my main chosen subject has changed to mainly children, so i thought i should resubmit for a cetificat in the catogory of children fingers crossed they like what I have submitted, I wont find out how I have done for another 5-6 weeks. here is my pannle of images-

So that almost wraps it up for now excuse the pun-

 I just have 1 more very exciting thing to tell you-

Santa might be coming to our studio!!!

 On the 11th of December from 3.30 so bring your children to meet him for a little gift and a photo, I spoke to him yesterday so I'm just waiting for a conformation more details will follow, its very exciting 

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  1. Louisa what an amazing read! I have been following your work for many years, and each and every photo you capture life! I mean your photo's go through to the feeling within. Pure excellence and love in each and every photo. I wish you lots more success and golds in the awards. Look forward to your next blog! Gemma