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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Just Add Baby Gift Box

We are launching an exciting new and exclusive product at Art by LAW Studio, and its the perfect gift for a new baby. We have called it 'Just Add Baby.'
So what is it?
its a beautifully presented gift box complete with polka dot ribbon,
 inside you will find a very cute hand made little hat and nappy cover everyone is unique, (we have a variety of styles and colours) this is for baby to wear when they come to their very first photoshoot at Art by LAW Studio
the box also contains a Studio voucher for a 1-2 hour creative shoot and a stunning mounted 8x10 portrait. all this for the introductory price of just £49 

Your shoot will take place at Art By LAW 
Studio in Hillingdon with newborn 
photography artist Louisa Ann Walsh. 
The studio is equipped with everything 
needed for a happy baby,its warm,
relaxing and has feeding and changing 
facilities . 

 Tips to get the best out of your shoot:
The best time to do the shoot is as soon as possible, within the first few  weeks of your baby’s
 birth, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible to book your session, even if  baby
hasen’t arrived yet, its good to plan ahead and avoid disappointment.You are advised to bring
 baby in just before he or she is due a feed and feed them at the studio, that way they are
more likely to fall into a deeper sleep so we can create some beautiful sleeping baby images.
Other family members are more than welcome to attend the shoot and be photographed as
 part of your session, if you intend to bring toddlers and or young children it’s best to arrange
 for them to be brought along, approximately 45mins into the shoot, or have another
responsible adult supervising them while the baby shots are taking place. for anymore
 information and advise please give us a call, we look forward to meeting you soon

To pre-order your gift box, please get in touch x
All the best Louisa

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