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Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Studio Update

Its official the fabulous new Art By LAW Studio will be opening soon. Keep your diary's open for the grand opening party on Saturday 20th August
The walls are up, the electrics are almost finished, and the first drop of paint went on the walls yesterday, its really taking shape, and its going to be amazing.
Its been non stop since we got the keys 2 weeks ago, I have never been so exhausted, I don't know how builders can cope with doing this sort of thing everyday. My builders have been fantastic, K&R builders if you ever need a very good builder call Kevin 07710279661, they sort out everything including electrics and plumbing which has saved me allot of time and money) they have even worked Sundays just to get the job done and my new assistant/ second photographer Tom Paley has been a life saver, working all hours to get it ready, I have chiseled out concrete floor, sanded and filled walls, and used lots of power tools which sounds fun but trust me the novelty wears off very quickly. Finally after two weeks of back breaking labour its now time for the fun bit- decorating and furnishing.
Details will follow about the grand opening celebrations very soon xx