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Monday, 14 February 2011

So what's going on? Babies, Boxers and Weddings

I cannot believe it has been almost 5 months since my last blog, apologies if you have been waiting in anticipation, I have been so busy, and its not just a lie so that I sound more interesting, but very true and fantastic that business at the moment is going well,
So what have I been doing? I have been shooting a diverse range of subjects from a Wedding in the snow, to a gangster themed birthday party. Many studio and location family shoots and bumps too babies of course. I have also been shooting a few more commercial jobs lately for local blue chip companies such as IBB Solicitors, Nexen UK, CSL Duel com and most randomly Tesco's garden catalogue, (I took photographs of lawn mowers). I have also teamed up with another local photographer Louie Donovan. We have been shooting a big event sweeping the nation called Dance Challenge, it is a nationwide competition aimed at schools and community groups aged 5-25 for more info visit their website We have so far photographed two events and have our third at the end of the week in Grimsby

Here are a few highlights from the last few months. I will start from just before Christmas
Emma and Russel had a beautiful baby boy named Sam, he is just so adorable, I did their bump shots on my last blog so I thought I would include them on this one.
here he is...... so... so cute

Congratulations to Them and all my other bumps and babies over the last 5 months, it has been a baby boom, I photographed over 10 tiny baby shoots in the weeks coming up to Christmas, and I'm currently waiting on a few more to arrive, who are due now. I love these types of shoots so very exciting.
I did an event with Steve Collins the Boxing Champion, it was to raise funds for a new independent film, he's a really nice guy.
Remember the horrendous snow storm on the Saturday before Christmas? well I was shooting a wedding on this day in Harrow on the Hill, at the top of the hill. Who would have thought a bit of snow would cause so much disruption, only in England. All the roads where gridlocked, cars where slipping and sliding everywhere. But we made it, my assistant Tom was fantastic, I couldn't have made it without him and the people of Harrow where so friendly and helpful, they came out of their houses to dig us out and helped push us up the hill. It was all quite exciting really, an adventure. We arrived about 5 minutes after the bride, who was also about an hour and a half late. We all only came from the brides house in Ruislip, normally about 10 minutes up the road. Many guests couldn't get there, but the best was made of it, the ceremony was lovely and the snow looked beautiful in the photographs. It truly was an unforgettable wedding completely unique.
congratulations Laura and Keith.

I finally got my little girl on the cover of the Sunshine magazine, a free information Mag for families in Hillingdon, which can be found in all local libraries, doctors the Chimes shopping Center, to name but a few. I have shot quite a few covers over the past few years but finally managed to convince Cathy the editor to use Evie. The shoot took place in Fasanage Park in Uxbridge. Evie-May, my Little girl was so proud and carried the mag around with her everywhere she went for the first two weeks of its release, the little boy in the image is also local and was very excited about having his photograph on the front.
I am very please to announce that I have been awarded two more Silver awards for my photographs with the SWPP which is a real boost, as I have only been a member of this society for 3 months, I was awarded Silver in the child category for my updated Evie in her Room image and a silver in the Fashion category for this image of model Honey at south bank, taken for The Freeman Band's first single release 'Broken'

a few more favorites from the last few weeks....

The giant red dress.... love it
character shots for Ugly Agency, I also did a sexy calender for the metropolitan police to raise money for help the Heroes, but unfortunately I'm unable to publish that online,

Yes this is me, in my room, this is a personal project that I have been doing for some time now, Photographing people in their own space. I fit very well in my own bedroom, because apart from photography and family, my other great love is shopping and clothes.
If you would like to volunteer to be my next model and have a portrait done in your space let me know. I'm hoping to have an exhibition and maybe a book when I have enough Images.

and lastly .......
The new 2010 Art By LAW book is here, its stunning, full of epic images of the best from 2010.
If you would like one of these books with Images from your photoshoot inside they are £300 with 30 pages, beautifully designed by at Art by LAW

SPECIAL OFFER- FREE Mini Collection Frame (worth £45.00)
Just added to the products are the Art By LAW Mini collection. These are stunning desktop frames beautifully hand made solid wood with thick white mounts, they come in a range of 6 different mount designs and I'm giving the first box away, I'm offering one free Mini frame (worth £45) with all orders over £300 . only while stocks last-10 Currently available. (only available with portrait sitting, not weddings or commercial)

One more thing........
some of you may be aware that I'm looking for a studio
I am still looking for a larger studio space or shop to lease, I can move in immediately so if you think you may know the perfect place let me know. I'm looking for 500-1000 square foot with high ceilings.
Thanks x

I will try and not leave it so long next time
best wishes