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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The end of Summer favorite shoots...

Its official , the summer is over, its been a very busy summer that's why the blogs have been very few and far between and things are still quite hectic, but I thought I would share a few of my favorite images with you. This weekend was a mad one with a fantastic shoot on Friday that had to be cut short as my camera broke, and no I didn't bring a backup as it was a personal project (no excuse really, always bring a backup camera or learn the hard way). It was a very strange occurrence, as the lady I was photographing said, when I arrived, that electrical equipment always seemed to go wrong around her, then my camera broke. The people at the Canon service center said they have never seen a camera do that before, so in short I had to go and get another camera to finish the rest of my assignments over the weekend.
love this shot though, It was worth the broken camera

Saturday I was photographing a party in Syon Park and Sunday I was in central London close to Midnight shooting a fantastic model for the first single release of a very promising band Freeman who I have worked with a few times now.
It was a great shoot, my model was Honey (Which is her real name), who I'm sure will go far in the business, she is stunning. The light was tricky as there wasn't much, but I really got to experiment with my off camera flash techniques.

Here are a few more favorite shoots from the last few weeks, my good friends Emma and Russel with their bump, and a couple soon to be wed at Stoke park.
hope you enjoy, and I will try to blog again soon..

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  1. wow really loving the shots of the model in London they look amazing the lighting looks brilliant well done!