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Thursday, 25 March 2010

March ups and lows

It’s been a while since I have put on a blog; time seems to go so quickly when I’m busy. Well this month has had its ups and downs. A down being my editing computer is now officially on its last legs, fortunately I haven’t lost any important data, I must preach to people how important it is to backup all files again and again. I currently use 2 separate hard drives and DVD’s to backup, the hard drives are now almost at capacity so I’m moving on to a Drobo which is cool because you can add more memory at any time. You just never know when your computer is going to die, it’s a machine after all, I have just caught mine in time, it’s still living it just can’t cope with new technology. All is sorted NOW as I’m getting a lovely shinny Apple Mac sometime next week, I’m sure there will be a few problems as I currently only use PC’s. But it has to be done.
Now on to the Ups......
I’ve had a few family shoots this month a highlight being the Allchurch family’s new baby Amber, she’s so cute with so many expressions we all loved this grumpy one, ambers Dad loved it so much has adding to his tattoo’s with this image.

Also a favourite of mine was another shoot for Nurotic, an up and coming and very talented band, we did the shoot in central London a nightmare to park but so worth it, the rain has added so much to the images.

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