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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


well its been a busy few weeks

between family and baby portraits I managed to finally shoot some test shots for Terratag Clothing, although the weather was not on my side Sunday so I will have to do a re-shoot, they wanted blueskyes (a little tricky this time of year) still There are a few great shots, but with a much more moody atmosphere than the brief

I did my first Christmas Black tie event (of the season) on Saturday which was allot of fun, managed to raise some money for Breakspear School. I print on site so they can take their photo's with them that evening.

Lastly I found out that I haven't been selected as 'Commended' or 'Highly Commended' for 'photographer of the year' I thought that was it and I was a little disappointed, but I discovered that I may still be in the running for 1st/ 2nd or 3rd prize so all is good, the winners will be announced early December so only a week or so until I'm put out of my misery, Still if I don't get any further, it was still a fantastic achievement to get as far as I did out of 100,000 entries.

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