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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Almost finished

its almost finished
my main website has a completely new look and I have a new wedding website all linked together with a flashy new splash page. I think I have the gist of this blogging craze now (hopefully)
The wedding website is far from finished yet but it is live (accidentally pressed publish instead of preview) and spent last night in the early hours uploading some pictures on there so people wouldn't be looking at a blank screen, I have lots of ideas for it, but just haven't got the time at the moment to perfect it. So keep coming back and having a look, its going to be fabulous, when finished.
tonight I'm off to st Giles church in Ickenham for a rehearsal of the wedding I'm photographing on Saturday, I haven't done a wedding there for a while, so its a good idea to meet the vicar to find out how strict they are with photos during the ceremony, these days most churches allow photography throughout the whole ceremony. so hopefully he will too.

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